A very large pile of snow has accumulated where I would like to park my car. When will this pile be completely melted? That is YOUR CHALLENGE. Send me your idea, guesstimate or figured knowledge, if this kind of knowledge exists! Use the contact form from any page of this web site. Write a date and time that you think that pile will be completely melted and gone.

The closest guess, the winner of our challenge, will be honored with $100 toward a stay of two nights or more at The Old Homestead, or $50 toward a one night stay.

Boy on Mountain.JPG

Picture: You have played “Kng on the Mountain” as a child in snow country. This my “Boy on the mountain”, Grandson Bohdi.

Weather this week: a little sun to melt an inch, followed by another inch of snow at night! It just keeps coming! But Friday and Saturday are expecting rain and temps in the 40s. It will take a night of warm southern winds to make a dent in the Homestead Mountain.