We host such Interesting Guests!


Tony arrived at the Inn on the Cadillac of all Motor Cycles. The only thing it lacked was the proverbial kitchen sink. A fancy and very comfortable Honda, this machine was taking him on a long loop around the North East, leaving Vermont for Maine, but beginning his trip in South Carolina. He enjoyed collecting photos of covered bridges and water falls on his travels. We favored him with several photos for the collection!


Clive was peddling the length of the Connecticut River. Beginning just over the border from Canada at the head waters of the River, through the north country of New Hampshire, into the natural beauty and friendly folk of Vermont thus far. He was enjoying every bit of the trip at only 40-60 miles per day. His wheels were also state of the art and not inexpensive, also no kitchen sink! Notice the amount of gear and luggage he is packing — what you see includes one change of clothing including shoes, a tent, sleeping bag, rain gear, small stove, etc — totally self sufficient. Are you impressed? I was! And I hope he was able to dodge the rain drops that fell later that morning in Barnet.